Program Guide

CLICK HERE to view our Spring/Summer 2022 Program Guide (May 2022 to August 2022) (PDF file), updated and posted on April 19, 2022.

CLICK HERE to view the list of upcoming SWESA programs in MyActiveCenter.  This list can be viewed by SWESA members and non-members. You do not have to log in to MyActiveCentre to view the list.


Early this year SWESA was successful in receiving a grant from the Edmonton Community Foundation, this grant has allowed us to explore new ways of offering programming in a manner that reassures seniors and staff of a safe environment. Part of the grant was devoted to bringing Hybrid Fitness Classes to SWESA members. The definition of a Hybrid Fitness Class is where participants are online and in person in the same class at the same time. Some of the many benefits to participating in a Hybrid Class are listed below:

  1. Provides options for members – If you are not comfortable yet with coming to the center for a class, you could participate virtually in the safety of your home.
  2. If the weather were bad in the winter, you could safely participate at home and not have to brave the cold.
  3. If you are a snowbird, (Post COVID-19 of course) you could participate virtually in your favorite classes and keep connected with your friends while you are away.
  4. Running late and don’t have time to drive to the center, it’s ok, you could just log in and still be able to participate in your class virtually.

If you have questions about the Hybrid classes call April at 780- 860-2856.

If you are not already familiar with Zoom, here are some resources to get you started:

  • CLICK HERE to view an introductory 5-minute YouTube video that shows you how to join a zoom meeting using information that you have received in an email message.
  • CLICK HERE to view a more advanced YouTube video, 30 minutes, that has more information including how to set up your own Zoom meeting using a free or paid Zoom account.
  • CLICK HERE to view a handout for the Zoom Introduction class presented to SWESA members earlier this year.
  • CLICK HERE to view a file that tells you how to connect your device (laptop, phone, etc.) to your TV for easier viewing.


CLICK HERE to view our Contact Us page which lists our programming locations, office location, and office hours.


If you have suggestions for programs that you would like to see as part of SWESA, please email them to