Welcome to SWESA

SouthWest Edmonton Seniors Association (SWESA) is one of Edmonton’s newest seniors’ centres and we invite you to join us! SWESA is member-driven, working in concert with community groups and partners. Our programs and services empower older adults in southwest Edmonton to be active and feel part of a vibrant community of seniors.

Through a number of community locations, SWESA offers:
• Instructional Classes and Drop-in Activities (e.g., fitness, arts and crafts, informational talks and workshops, games and cards, coffee and chat)
• Services (e.g. access to home support services, book shops, a puzzle exchange, volunteer opportunities).
• Events and Activities (e.g.  choir, book club)

Hello Neighbour – We’d like to meet you!

As part of our 10 Year Anniversary celebrations, SWESA is excited to launch the “Hello Neighbour – We’d like to meet you!” Project. This project will support social participation and inclusion of all older adults in our community – and promote volunteerism.

CLICK HERE to view more information for this project.

10 Year Anniversary Celebration

CLICK HERE to learn about the wonderful 10 year anniversary celebration that was held on June 9, 2022. CLICK HERE to view our photo gallery of this event.

SWESA Mask Policy

CLICK HERE to read about our approach to wearing masks at SWESA.

The SWESA Latest News Page

CLICK HERE to display the SWESA Latest News page.  The Latest News page was last updated on June 17, 2022 with the High Level Bridge will be lit up in SWESA colours on Wednesday, June 29 2022.


Please consider donating to SWESA to help continue to operate and provide affordable programming. Your support goes directly to programming and social activities for seniors in southwest Edmonton.

CLICK HERE to view all of our upcoming fundraising events for 2022.

SWESA’s operating funds come from grants; membership and program fees; and a variety of fundraising efforts.  Fundraising ensures our programs are affordable, accessible and can grow to meet the interests of people 55+ in southwest Edmonton.

If you have ideas on fundraising for SWESA or would like to host your own fundraiser for SWESA, please contact us at info@swesa.ca.

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CLICK HERE to view our Spring/Summer 2022 Program Guide (May 2022 to August 2022) (PDF file), updated and posted on April 19, 2022.

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